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10ft x 8ft Raised Bunded Store for Hire

Product Details The 10ft raised bunded store is a simple but effective means of protecting the environment from spillages of hazardous liquids. With a 2000 litre bund capacity it typically provides a capacity to store 1630 litres of product. Bunded stores can be hired for a minimum of 4 weeks. These are very popular for the storage of agro chemicals on farms. 10ft Raised Bunded Store (Hire) Features 1.Converted by the Portable Space Conversions Division from a 10ft shipping container 2. Incorporates 300mm raised bund 3.Double doors with rubber seal

20’ x 8’ Diesel/Electric Refrigerated ISO Container


Double doors on one End.

If your storage or transportation needs are more unique, SEA BOX can create custom sized containers to accommodate any need.